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Continuous, Insulated Vent Systems

Styles Available

Generation 2 with EC1.0 (with 1” thick EXPS “blue foam” core)
Generation 2 with EC1.5 (1.5” thick EXPS “blue foam” core)

Patent Pending

***Rack & Pinion Operated***

Apex Ag-Tek R&P Vent Features:

  • Positive movement in both directions

  • Custom sized vents to maximize intake openings

  • Exterior or Interior mounted Rack & Pinion Operators

  • Eliminates all typical problems with pulleys & cables

  • Hi-profile gaskets for an optimum seal

  • Proven Wadsworth hardware for trouble-free control

  • Heavy duty aluminum racks & pinion gears

  • Drive units include over-torque protection to safeguard the vent system in case of obstruction

  • Custom designed powder coated steel support brackets to fit any configuration

  • Available with White UV resistant or black panels

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