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CF2 Series Fans 

  • Molded Poly Venturi With Flared Inlet and Outlet to Boost Air Flow and Efficency

  • Deep Flared Housing Allows For High Efficency Guards to Be Attached

  • Stainless Steel Motor Struts 

  • Optional Welded Stainless Steel Wire Guards Available

  • Internal Thermal Protection in All Motors (Including 3 Phase) 

DSC_0832 cropped.jpg

25in Circulation Fan: CF2-25

5,980 Thrust CFM

27in & 30in Circulation Fans

CF2-27: 7,820 Thrust CFM

CF2-30: 9,140 Thrust CFM

DSC_0828 cropped.jpg
DSC_0833 cropped2.jpg

39in Circulation Fan: CF2-39

15,840 Thrust CFM

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