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Apex Ag-Tek Solutions was founded in 2010 by Agricultural Engineer Nevin Wagner. With 35 years of experience designing facilities and ventilation for livestock and poultry environments, the company was established to create innovative products to enhance ventilation systems. With the awareness that properly designed AIR INLETS are the most important part of all negative pressure ventilation systems, flexible manufacturing was employed to meet the ever-changing needs of the poultry industry.

We strive to keep the concepts of Integrity, Excellence and Diligence at the center of the work that we do and the business relationships that we maintain. INTEGRITY in how we deal with our customers, employees and suppliers. EXCELLENCE is what we want our customers to experience when using our products. That often means that Apex Ag-Tek Solutions products work day in and day out without being noticed, doing the job they were designed to do. Well designed ventilation products offer many advantages for the owner and the installer of the equipment. That is why we make ours affordable and manufacture them efficiently to keep the prices down. Therefore it is with DILIGENCE that we work to reduce our costs of manufacturing whenever we can without sacrificing the functionality of our products. It is also with diligence that we seek new materials and manufacturing methods to improve our existing products for the benefit of our customers.

And most of all, we strive to earn the privilege of innovating with our customers to solve most any type of ventilation challenge that comes along.

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